THE TOP 25 COVER SONGS (and albums) OF 2019!

Here’s my picks for the best in the world of 2019 cover songs.  For my favorite original albums of 2019, go here next week.

Let’s get started…

25. Houses of the Holy by H.C. McEntire. Great version. Happy to see Led Zeppelin getting love.

24. Change in the Weather-Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty. Good song selections and solid performances make this a tribute album worth having.
23. Isolation (John Lennon) by Spoon. At the Howard Stern Sirius station, Spoon gives new live to a lesser-known, powerful Lennon song. I wish Howard had interviewed the band…

22. Be Thankful for What You’ve Got by Prince Fatty.  William DeVaughn’s soul classic has gotten the reggae treatment many, many times in the past.  Prince Fatty, who also put out a pretty good new album this year, has a “classic” reggae sound and does a terrific job here.

21. Some Guys by Jonathan Coulton.  It’s easy to say that Coulton is better than this—softened covers of songs that were arguably too soft to begin with (Easy, New Kid in Town, Sister Golden Hair, etc.)—and yet…It’s still catchy.

The top 20 are next!

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