It’s not always easy to be a Venice is Sinking fan.  Their albums are quiet and sad, mostly, so you have to be in a very mellow mood to listen.  Sort of like My Morning Jacket, but with less pep.  It’s orchestral pop–complete with violins, trumpets, etc., dense and heavy, tightly crafted.

None of this is to say that they don’t make good music.  They do.  I just feel like I have to let you know what you’re in for.

That said, the band uses powerful harmonies instead of hooks, which makes for incredibly interesting music.  Like their other works, Sand and Lines is rootsy and bare and often whisper quiet, so you have to strain to catch the details.  The difference between this one and their earlier work is that it was recorded live, with just two mics, at the Georgia Theater. It make for an earthier sound where their prior albums were more ethereal.  Oh, and there’s a haunting cover of Jolene that’ll knock you out of your shoes.

For fans of: My Morning Jacket, Cowboy Junkies, Cat Power, slow Ryan Adams ballads.



You Got Lucky (Tom Petty)

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