Remember when The Bee Gees were a folk act? Well, if a group of dudes with killer falsetto harmonies and disco sensibilities is what floats your boat, this is for you.

It floats mine.

And I didn’t even know it.

In fact, I love everything about this album. I love the cover, a deer on the beach. I love the optimistically cynical lyrics, like the title track, which starts: “You know you’re never gonna feel as right/Than in your gold past life/A ship of paper on a sea of fire/Back to your gold past life.” Or the vague spirituality of Your Dead Grandfather: “We’ve been told there’s a ghost in the sky/Who pushes the button for the snow/And if you talk to your dead grandfather, your grandfather will show/You how to get to know this beautiful being up there/The one whose image we’re all molded in.”

I love the frivolous joy in the music behind “A Lingering Love” and “The Bottom Of It.”

I love the comparability to 1970s-era Kinks and Supertramp.

I love all of it. This is a perfect record.

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