5.  DIRTY NIL-Fuckin’ Up Young

See, I love this because Neil Young has a song called Fucking Up, and this song kinda sounds like a fucked up cover of Neil Young.  Even though it’s an original song.  And when you hear it, it will carve a hole in the base of your brain and sit there and wail all day.  Trust me.  Catchy as fuck.

Free here.

4.  BLACKWATER JUKEBOX-Banjo and Breakbeats

The Devil’s music.  Get it free here.

3.  TV GIRL-Benny and the Jets

This year, I fell in love with DIY band TV Girl.  Review here.

Baby You Were There

2.  P.L.O. (featuring Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro)-The Heat (American Language Remix)

This is fucking awesome, guys.  So where the hell is the rest of the album?

Free here.

1.  ‘ALLO DARLIN’-Darren/Dancin’ to Wu Tang Clan

This is really just a single and a b-side (“Dancin’ to Wu Tang Clan”) that is even better than the single.  If this were a proper EP, it’d rate even higher.  As it is, I couldn’t let my Best Of 2011 lists go by without giving it a mention.  Some of the best songwriting I’ve heard in years.  Years!

Get it/stream it here.

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