1.  If you don’t go to Fong Songs, you’re an idiot.  He’s quitting the game(!) and rewarding us with his 100 favorite covers of all time.  And there’s actually way more than 100.  I’m gonna miss him.

2.  Some Chinese website keeps spamming me with comments.  Annoying.

3. Childish Gambino (Donald Glover–the black dude named  from my favorite sit com, Community) has a mixtape!  And it’s off the hook.  I mean, where else will you hear lyrics where a guy compares to himself to a fat guy getting on a plane?  And he says he raps about himself not being on a boat.  Y’know, he’s trying to be serious-like.  But he’s still a funny motherf*cker.  He can’t help himself. Go here to get it for free.

These Girls

4.  Chris and his gang have a bunch of interviews up with underground indie guys.  Good stuff.

5. Ryan’s got a nice piece on London’s flavor of the month, Kingsley Flood. They’re unsigned (for now). And The Blue Walrus recently named “Boy and Bear” a band to watch. Check out some new music before your friends know about it!

6. Jesse Lester McReynolds, a recognized bluegrass legend and grammy winner, will be releasing a “Songs Of The Grateful Dead” on Woodstock Records on October 5, 2010. Thought I’ve give it a shout out.

7. Zeppelin-Jen Wood (direct download).

8. And I’m loving Langford’s album more every day. Getting Used to Uselessness.

9. And, finally, Comics Reporter named Howard the Duck one of the 25 most emblematic comics of the 1970s. I love Howie. I even have him on my desk at work because he’s “trapped in a world he never made.”

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