Gosh I love the live music archive. It’s where I found .shn copies of this great show. So great I made them lossy for y’all.

Tastes and a zip:

Britt Daniel, Live and acoustic in Brooklyn June 16, 2002.

Anything you want
In the right place at the right time
The agony of laffite
You gotta feel it
chips and ip
Metal Detektor
Moments (Kinks cover)
Me and the Bean
Used to (Wire)
Car Radio
Advance Cassette
I’m Going Down (Bruce Springsteen)
I Could Be Underground
Paper Tiger
Fitted shirt


And even cooler, you can compare it to this more recent show, which they offer MP3s of including a great John Lennon cover. You can go over there and pick it up yourself. Both shows are great.

Britt Daniel Live Acoustic 3.29.06.

1. Advance Cassette
2. Anything You Want
3. The Beast And Dragon, Adored
4. Everything Hits At Once
5. Metal Detektor
6. Telephone My Heart
7. Me and the Bean
8. The Delicate Place
9. The Agony of Lafitte
10. I Could See The Dude
11. Don’t Make Me A Target
12. I Summon You
13. They Never Got You
14. The Way We Get By
15. Isolation $
16. Sister Jack


17. Stay Don’t Go
18. Fitted Shirt > Car Radio
19. 10:20AM
20. Monsieur Valentine

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