St8 outta B’klyn (or at least Columbia University), Vampire Weekend are getting tons of blog love these days, mostly based on their Blue CD-R demo. We weren’t one of the gifted few who actually received a copy of the CD from VW’s powers-that-be . . . Here on this humble streetcorner, we don’t get much recognition and we don’t get blog awards. Others have the guns, but we got the numbers. So, when the supply truck drove by, we jacked a copy. The band has said in press interviews that it supports the communal blognature of publicity and mp3s these days, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and show them some support.

On it, we found ten crisp pop tunes that preview their upcoming official release (slated for early ’08). We were bowled over by songs like “Boston,” with its great karate-chop riff and wonderfully lively drumming; the heavily blogged-on Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, a simpler song that could easily have been written by Donovan (all the way down to the bongos!); and Oxford Comma, a pop song about grammar (kind of). There’s not a bad song here. How is it that a demo can be this good? They show amazing promise and I cannot wait until they release their album. When that happens, keep your eyes on this page for a review.


Oxford Comma

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