TV GIRL-Benny and the Jets (EP)

I initially scooped up the TV Girl EP on the say so of Blue Walrus and because I thought I’d be copping a cover.  Turns out, it’s a tribute.  The lead song is about a chick who loves ‘em, leaves ‘em, and drives off listening to the classic Elton John tune.  But was I disappointed?

Absolutely not.  TV Girl had a little blog-hit in 2010 with their cut “If You Want It,” which sampled Todd Rundgren’s 1973 hit Hello It’s Me, but the San Diego band apparently has a lot more left in them.  (You also may recall that Warner sued them of the song—so maybe naming their EP after another Warner artist is just their way of giving a big Fuck You to the major label.)

The Benny and the Jetts EP is electronic soul, smooth and psychedelic—it feels as Socal as possible.  It’s happy without being bubbly, upbeat without being very pop. Completely accessible without being redundant.  Every song feels fresh—like stuff you’ve never heard before.

I’m pretty sure that this is the best EP of 2011.

Download the Benny And The Jets EP from TV Girl’s Facebook.

Download TV Girl Baby You Were There
TV Girl Baby You Were There

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