10. Happy
Believe it or not, The Pointer Sisters did a version. All other covers are now irrelevant.

11. Turd on the Run
This is a hard one to find covers of, so I’m posting Phish. They’ve actually covered this entire album. It’s easy to find if you’re interested.

12. Ventilator Blues
Another tough one to find. Here’s a couple bootleg covers.

13. I Just Want to See His Face
I love this version, from a Cohen Brothers soundtrack.

14. Let It Loose
One of my favorite tunes on the album, and I can’t find a good cover. I can’t even find a good live version on line. But here’s an interesting article about the song.
15. All Down the Line
Here’s The Stones themselves, in 1972, and then a fairly decent cover version.

16. Stop Breaking Down
Another cover–this time, of a Robert Johnson song. And like most blues songs, Clapton did it, too.

17. Shine a Light

18. Soul Survivor
Closing it out strong with a great song. I found the instrumental demo, which is kinda cool…

Come back tomorrow for the top 40 RS of all time, complete with covers!  And if you’re reading this out of order, hit the “Rolling Stones GOATs” tag, below, and you’ll find all the GOAT posts I published on this!

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