Who are the Kinetic Stereokids? The answer is simple: These guys.

The information I’ve been able to glean about them is that they are a Michigan band who met at soccer camp and can play their guitars using chalkboard erasers. Their new, 10-track release, “Basement Kids,” is all over the place, even within single tracks. “Explosions Were Heard” begins with gentle, beautiful piano into chimpmunk laugs and snoring and some oddly random lyrics about a guy pointing a gun at the singer. “Donuts Are Here” sounds like something Radiohead would make if they were a little less ordinary. (Yes, you read that right!) “Barefoot in the Rain” could be a Money Mark track. Just about the only thing they do that’s conventional is have a Myspace page.

And the oddest thing about all of this is that I have no idea how they wound up in my playlist. One day, one of their songs showed up. I musta got it off a blog or something, but as soon as I heard it I ran to e-music (figuratively) to get the whole album.

Buy it here.

Check it out:

Cold and Tired

Barefoot in the Rain

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