WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring the 25th Anniversary of The Black Sheep!


The Black Sheep’s debut album is 25 years old! Let’s celebrate!

And while we’re on the topic of Hip Hop, I can’t say Chedda Bang’s new mixtape is off the hook, but it’s at least ringin’ twice. Here’s a cut featuring Method Man…

This gets the WTF award of the year. Robin Thicke with…Nas???? I can’t endorse this, but I can share it because…Wow. How weird.

Warhaus’ “I’m Not Him” sounds like it should have come out as a dark goth song in the early ’90s…Or a Nick Cave cover. Cool.

Changing gears, William’s Knott is a sweet little ditty.

Boogie has a new mixtape.

Lots of Hip Hop today, eh? Fitting, given the anniversary of Black Sheep and whatnot. Here’s Cookie by Dessert; not really rap, but in a similar spirit.

Kodak Black is amazing. I first discovered him this year. Love everything I’ve heard so far.

Ooh! Here’s Local Natives covering Beyonce!

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