jesus dancingThe video for Kamaus Gaims’ new song is pretty good, even if the song feels a little cro magnon.

How about some rock and roll from the Soft White Sixties? Yeah.

Okay. First of all, I love the bandname: Hippies Wearing Muzzles. Second, it’s a loopy electronica soundtrack. Here’s the single.

Anybody remember the 1980s classic “Big Love?” These guys do. Neat.

Max Jury’s new single, Numb, is a perfect AM single.

Proof that Christian music doesn’t have to be derriviative, stupid, or insipid: New No Malice (formerly Malice of Clipse)!

New my morning jacket!

I know KT Tunstall is mainstream and not indie, but I really like her new single….I’ll leaveyou with this….

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