THE SWIMMERS-“People Are Soft”

With a band name like The Swimmers, you’d expect to hear something lean and crisp, aerodynamic and tight. Retro/1980s pop. And, indeed, that’s what you get.

People are Soft is coming on November 3, 2009 from the MAD Dragon label, and on the album you’ll hear songs that make you think of “Melt With You,” John Hughes, and those big-hair-and-makeup years of yore. There’s a lot of this kind of keyboard-based flashback music around these days, but what makes The Swimmers different is that it’s upbeat. This is not music for depressed geeks who didn’t make it to the prom, it’s for happy geeks who went with their friends and ended up in a pile on the floor at the end of the night. Spent, happy, and full of memories.

Maybe it’s because lead singer/songwriter Steve Yutzy-Burkey and bass player Rick Sieber used ot play in the alt-country group, One Star Hotel. It gives this music a little lift, a little something different.

A Hundred Hearts (mf)


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