[box type=”shadow”]A regular feature: Single songs and covers I’ve heard lately, usually submitted to me, that you need to get your ears on.  Pronto![/box]
Today, music to give your heart away to…A bunch of smooth singles you might want to play if you manage to bring someone home with you tonight. I’m staring with “Fire” by Fjord. I don’t know anything about this band, other than they appear to be a duo from Quebec who hired some lady named Gab Shonk to do the vocals and she’s got a voice as smooth as Sade. If you like the track, I also posted their newer single, “Blue.” Both are free.

Chance the Rapper is never a waste of time, and the lyrics on this latest cut are hitting above his weight class. Then you get to Noname Gypsy’s verse and holy shit this is a great cut. Stoner rap is so often boring, but rarely so when Chance is involved.

“The Third Light” is the single from The Left Outsides’ latest album, Shapes of Things to Come. It’s a moody collection of folk rock tunes.

Monogold’s first full-length album is a silky synth experience—my favorite song was Segue, but that’s not the single. That honor went to Pink Lemonade—also a good tune. Here’s a direct link to the MPfree:

Pink Lemonade by Monogold.
And let’s close this post out with a Laurie Anderson cover….

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