Okay, so the band name “Evangenitals” is like, probably one of the worst I’ve ever heard.  Fortunately, the band is a lot better than their name.  And forgive them their artiness–the band consists of a playwright/director, who also calls herself a reverend (Juli Crockett); an opera/jazz singer (Lisa Dee); and instruments that range from the esoteric (accordian) to the unusual (fiddle) to the comparably mundane (guitar, bass and drums).  Mix these seemingly clashing ingredients together, and you get a pretty cool collection of Southern indie pop that will appeal to Indigo Girls and Shawn Colvin fans, without offending their boyfriends.  Yeah, it’s liberal-arts hippie-bracelet freak folk, but it’s also interesting and emphatically not preachy.  It’s tough to find this kind of combination.  Next time they’re in town, I’m taking that blonde who lives in the flat across the hall.  The one with the dog who shops at Fresh Fields and always has a Starbucks cup cradled dangerously in the crook of her elbow.  I think I’m pretty much guaranteed to get laid.

I dare you to listen to Work Song.  Go ahead.  If it’s not stuck in your head for days, you’re a better man than I am.

Work Song


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