A little over a year ago, I predicted Kendra Morris would be “huge.” She has a voice with the range of Amy Winehouse but without all the pain and damage. Her songs are full of power and pull. In short, the lady can carry a tune.

Well, I was wrong. She’s not a big star. Yet.

I’m okay admitting I was wrong, but not that I should have been wrong.

Her 2014 all-covers release is just more proof that none of you should be sleeping on Kendra.

Sadly, there’s no streams or mp3s available. Just the track listing for you, and a few other KM songs to tempt you.

01. Space Oddity [David Bowie]
02. As Long as I’ve Got You [The Charmels]
03. Miss You [The Rolling Stones]
04. Walk On By [Dionne Warwick/Isaac Hayes]
05. Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Pink Floyd]
06. Wicked Game [Chris Isaak]
07. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) [The Proclaimers]
08. Karma Police [Radiohead]
09. Ride the Lightning [Metallica]
10. Cry Me a River [Betty Lavette]
11. Walk On the Wild Side [Lou Reed]
12. Black Hole Sun [Soundgarden]
13. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) [The Beach Boys]
14. No Love (But Your Love) [Johnny Mathis] *iTunes Bonus Track

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