GRAYSON CAPPS-The Lost Cause Minstrels

With all the experimental indie rock, hardcore and tons and tons of hip hop out there, sometimes it’s nice to hear an album that’s full of songs.  You know songs: Verse-chorus-verse?  Structure?  Harmony on the chorus or at the end of a line?  That’s what we got here with Grayson Capps.

A little East Coast blues, a little New Orleans horn-bop, lots of Americana in the guitar and vocal, and tons of authentic Southern poetry grace this Alabama singer/songwriter’s fifth album, coming June 7 on Royal Potato Family records.  Song for song, the album feels well-thought-out and stuffed good without filler.  It’s the kind of record I can see myself continuing to listen to years from now.

For fans of: Dr. John, Steve Earle, Waylon Jennings, and Bobby’s “country” Grateful Dead songs.

Highway 42

Ol Sac

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