GRYNCH-Timeless (EP)

Grynch’s Chemistry EP was the third best EP of 2010, and his work last year almost made the list as well. So believe me when I tell you that when I see a new release from this Seattle genius–that’s right, genius–I scoop it up quick fast in a hurry.

Timeless is maybe his best yet.

The intro cut is “So Long,” a “say hello to the future” cut where bragging and boasting was never more true. And the title cut, “Timeless,” is smooth-as-silk and witty-as-hell. Grynch has always been hilarious, but here he’s funnier than ever. Great word choices, excellent beats, and some of the best flow in the business. It’s even got a remix of G’s best known single, “My Volvo,” featuring Sabzi from Blue Scholars. If you don’t go get this freeEP ASAP, you’re just an idiot. In fact, if you don’t dig Grynch, please stop reading my blog. This guy needs more love–more love! In other words, I dug this. A bit.

When will this guy release a proper album already?!?

Get it free from the DJ Booth.


My Volvo (with Sabzi of Blue Scholars)

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