I know, another Seattle postpunk powertrio with arty highlights. Just what we all need, right? Turns out, the answer is yes! I checked this band out while I read the press release, and I was skeptical, until I learned that they’ve played with some really good bands like Deerhoof, Hot Hot Heat, The Fruit Bats, Okkervil River, and a bunch of others. So they’ve got cred by association. As for the music . . .

It’s cool!

Songs like “Accidental Town” are deceptively complex. The bassline and vocal attitude have definite Nirvana influences, but Biography Of Ferns mixes that with a more “classic punk” vibe (think: The Clash, The Kinks). And there’s even a vaguely Eurotrash feel on “Build You Down,” which is simply an extraordinary song. And False Candle sounds a bit like Velvet Underground, without the heroin. I could go on and on. I wish these guys were a new band, so I could say they’re one of the best new bands of the year, but they’ve been around for a while (they were nominated for the 2005 Seattle Weekly Music Award, losing to Death Cab for Cutie). But I’ll have to settle for stressing to you how fucking hot they are. Truly.

Plus: They’ve publicly stated that they have no interest in signing with corporate labels or “pseudo indies” (Lost Highway, anyone?) Bravo, guys. Just for that I’d have posted on you, but the fact that your album rocks clinches it.

Check ’em out.

Build You Down

False Candle

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