1. The Smoking Section lists the most slept-on albums of 2009. Some real underrated gems in here.  They also posted their list of the best mixtapes of 2009. Most are good, unsurpising picks (No Ceilings, J.Cole) but 50 Cent?

2. 24 Hour Party Pooper has a very personal tribute the late Vic Chesnutt.

3. Playback lists the top disappointing comics of 2009. I have to agree with #1–Fantastic Four. That’s one title that never seems to be very good.

4.  Self hype!  Part one: Go here to win a rad cool giftpack of 5 CDs.

5.  Cover Me had a neat little New Years Day cover post, including a cover of the classic U2 song.

6.  Self hype!  Part two: Go here and read this post that I put a lot of work into and think is really cool.

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