Papoose has his admirers and his detractors. I’m the former. I recognize he hasn’t changed up his style in twenty years, and that his verses–while witty and constantly different–feel old school. “To write a rhyme about me, you’re gonna need a longer pencil…” I know he’s the only one who says he’s the best rapper alive. And yeah, he’s still using scratches and 808s and sampling Biggie Smalls. But his nostalgic flow hits me in my 1990s place, and I’m a fan of guys who can talk about pussy, drugs and empowerment all at the same time. And he’s never afraid to take on someone bigger than him: “Kanye West said slavery was a choice, but he should be Muslim without a voice.”

Plus, he’s from Brooklyn.

“Send the haters on over to the E.R.”

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