Sometimes, I give away stuff I kinda like. Sometimes, I give away stuff I don’t really like, but I think you might like. And then, there’s days like today. I have not one or two but three tremendously cool prize packs to give away, courtesy of Engine Room Recordings, and, on top of that, I have a free album for all of you–each and every one!

The free one, available here, is a sampler of Engine Room Recordings’ artists. It’s got something from each of the albums below. Speaking of which . . . Each prize pack will include all of the following albums:

-Guilt By Association, Volume 2 (the 15th best album of 2009!) (www.myspace.com/guiltbyassociation)
-The Bloodsugars – I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On (www.thebloodsugars.com)
-Middle Distance Runner – The Sun and Earth (www.middledistancerunner.com)
-Porter Block – The Gowanus Yacht Club (www.porterblockmusic.com)
-Lowry – Love is Dead (www.myspace.com/lowry)
-Israel Darling – Dinosaur Bones and Mechanical Hands (www.myspace.com/israeldarling)

Here’s how to win: Drop a comment, including your e-mail, with your fantasy cover. The song you’d most like to hear covered, and a band or band(s) who you think would do your tune justice. I’ll pick the three winners who I think picked the best song/band combo. Then, check your e-mail in a week for an e-mail from me telling me you’re a winner! It’s that simple!

A few tastes of what you can win:

Youth’s Magic Horn-Porter Block

Tainted Love-My Brightest Diamond

Good luck!

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