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Two sample-based free beats-like albums off Bandcamp. I dug ’em both, but I dug Curtis a bit more ’cause he’s a bit better than George Benson. Payne’s also got a Gil Scott Heron tribute, if you’re liking these.



Rarely is something this good free.

A generous collection of great indie rock and folk tunes. Definitely worth your e-mail address.



This is not a mixtape. This is not a demo. It may be free on Bandcamp, but “Selves” is a proper album. It has a cover with meaning. It has themes of identity, mental illness, and spirituality. It’s deep. But it’s not sad. For every track like “A.D.D.,” which tells about stopping medication cold turkey, there are some great, upbeat tracks like “Don’t Stop” with a woman named Bonnie who knows her way around a verse.

Who are these guys? Defcee hails from Illinois and has been making his indie-rapper bones for a few years now–having started at the age of 17. Moses is a producer and the cofounder of Higher Education Records, an indie label that seems devoted to developing bright, young talent and letting new voices speak. Like Defcee.

This is a very interesting record from a rising indie rapper. Check it out and show your support.


THE GREATEST OF ALL SONGS: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”

I like the Sopranos finale.  I even liked the last three minutes of it, which just about everyone else hated.  It made sense to me that the story goes on and on and on and on….

Plus, it led to a major revival of this song, which, corny as it may be, is also awesome.

And just ’cause it’s cool, here’s a whole freEP for you!


THE NEW ATLAS-“The New Atlas”

Wow! This is some damn fine indie pop. It’s so interesting, in fact, that I almost don’t want to call it “pop.” It’s got an Americana bend, some great harmonies and folk-y guitar work–just an all-around terrific album.

And it’s free!

I’ve never heard of this band before, but apparently they also released an EP way back in the middle of 2013 and since then they’ve upped their game. The album is just six songs long, but when every song is good it doesn’t make you miss filler. In fact, more bands should focus on a shorter, stronger set list.

Great stuff. You can download for free off Bandcamp, or you can step up and support these guys by paying what you like.


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