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DHRUVA KRISHNA-The Great Skedaddle (EP)

Check out these great instrumentals! Especially the covers of Willie Nelson’s Crazy and “Yesterday,” by the Beatles (which actually has vocals).

This is 1960s throwback music y’all. And if you like that, also check out his cover of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry, also below.

All free!


THE GRIME KINGS-Honeymooning

Here’s a free 2014 Bandcamp release I missed, and it’s great….


PELL-Floating While Dreaming

A new voice out of Missisissipi by way of New Orleans. Yeah, he sounds Southern–got a bit of a drawl, got a bit of heavy bass–but he doesn’t sound like most Southern rappers. For one thing, he’s witty. For another, he changes styles pretty quick, so the mixtape never sounds stuck. A very nice debut album.

And, of course, it’s free.



Ambient is most definitely NOT my thing, but this one…It’s a keeper. It’s very cool, very sophisticated, and pretty much hypnotic. Oh, and one more important thing: It’s free!



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