Greatest of All Tunes: Rain King by Counting Crows (1994)

“Yeaahhhhhh….”  That syllable punctuating the end of the song that really put The Counting Crows on the map was the reason so many people hated the song when it came out.  Me included.  I didn’t agree with those who said it was watered down Van Morrison (sha-la-la-la-la-la is hardly a lyric unique to Brown-Eyed Girl), but was it melodramatic and completely self-involved?  Yes.  Did Adam Duritz come off as a whiney, useless intellectual?  Yeaaaaahhhh….

But within a few months, I had bought and memorized the entire album.

Rain King came out at a time when a single could sell a record and music fans were interested in hearing more from artists, deeper cuts, not just hits.

I miss those days.

Further listening: Other potential Counting Crows GOATs include Mr. Jones, Round Here, A Long December, and Daylight Fading.

Covers: Couldn’t find a lot, so I’m including a live version. Live crows is terrific.

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