Johnny’s to-do list from 1973. He was born on February 26, so today, we celebrate with a ton of covers!

A is for Adams. Ryan Adams. And his Cash cover…

A is also for A Boy Named Sue, a poem by Shel Silverstein that Johnny covered as a song…

B is for a couple of good covers of the Ballad of a Teenage Queen.

C is for CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”

D is for Danzig, who wrote the song “13” for Johnny and then recorded it themselves years later.

E is for “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby,” a Carl Perkins song made famous by The Beatles and covered by Johnny.

F is for Folsom Prison. Johnny’s biggest song. Tons of covers. Here’s some interesting ones.

G could have been for Get Rhythm, one of his biggest hits, but I really like the song Guess Things Happen That Way. Especially when Emmylou sings it.

H is for “Hey, Porter!”

I is for “I Won’t Back Down.” Lots and lots of folks have covered Tom Petty’s resistance anthem. Johnny’s version is one of the best.

J is for Johnny’s cover of Springsteen’s, “Johnny 99.” Powerful.

Johnny also covered another Bruce tune…

K is for Kris Kristofferson’s version of To Beat the Devil.

L is for Nick Lowe, who wrote “The Beast in Me,” a fantastic song written for Johnny and recorded by him and a few others.

M is for The Man, as in “When the Man Comes Around.” One of his biggest songs, and one of his most covered. Here’s a few really good ones.

N is for “No Expectations,” from The Rolling Stones’ country(ish) period. Cash made this little-known, simple song his own…

O is for “One,” a U2 song that Johnny subsumed as his own.

P is for piece. As in, Johnny’s great workingman blues tune, One Piece At A Time.

Q is for San Quentin, the less-famous song about a prison written by Johnny Cash.

R is for “Redemption Song.” Two fantastic now deceased singer songwriters covering another deceased and brilliant singer songwriter.

S is for Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage.

T is for The Line. Can you believe that Connie Francis is among the over one hundred folks that have covered this song, along with Mr. Spock?

U is for U2’s duet with Johnny on his song, “The Wanderer.” U2 and Johnny really got along! (See “O” above.”

For “V” we’ll take the v in teleVision. One of Johnny’s early hits was the theme to the show “The Rebel.” It’s been covered by a few artists. Here’s a metal version.

W is for Johnny’s monster hit, “Wanted Man.”

Y is for “You Are My Sunshine.” Johnny didn’t write this one, the first recording is by the Pine Ridge Boys back in 1939, but he did a mean cover…

Y is also for Yelawolf, who paid tribute to the Man in Black…

Z is for Bobby Zimmerman’s cover of Johnny’s song, “Train of Love.”

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