WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: A Most Eclectic Mix of Music for Your Weekend!

The new YG single is hot AF.

“These Days” is one of several very nice, sunny singles off Wallows’ new EP. I recommend the entire EP, but this song is the real keeper.

Here’s a two-fer. Astral Skulls have an A/B on Bandcamp—moody electropop—and it totally works for me. Really, really digging it.

Sam Morrow’s new album–it’s country through and through–is really good. Here’s the lead single:

Tee Grizzly, one of the best rappers of 2017, is dropping single after single from his upcoming album. Here’s one of my faves: Hellcat.

New Frederick the Younger

Here’s the title track from the latest album by War on Women…

“Permanent Vacation” is the 2017 single to the 2018 new album by The Academics.

Lil Arrogant by IDK would be a really incredible set of bars on its own. Throw in Joey Bada$$ and it’s one of the best singles I’ve heard this year.
Don’t go away…There’s a closer…

Everyone is giving Taylor Swift shit about her cover of September by Earth Wind and Fire but I like it!

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