1. Some vegetarians say they won’t eat anything with a face . . .

2. Passion of the Weiss has posted the results of his 25 greatest hip hop albums of all time. Go and check it out.

3. Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)-Elliot Smith.

4. John P. Strohm–Sha La. The new single off Everyday Life, from John P. Strohm, formerly of Blake Babies.

5. If you go here, to the K-Otix page, you’ll find one of my favorite mixtapes ever. It’s Legendary K.O.’s “Pre-Season Mixtape.” It’s not new, but it’s incredibly witty, sharp, and it’s got great beats for a little=known underground tape. You gotta check it out and leave me a comment. Let me know what you think. It features the best song about Katrina ever–it blows Minority Report away and I even like it more than any of Lil’ Weezy’s great K songs, too. George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People-Legendary K.O. It also has lots of other songs. Like Crayzee-Legendary K.O.

6. And this is pretty cool. The band moe covering Fishbone.

Everyday Sunshine-moe.



8. Kasabian: Live, Acoustic, February 2007.

Me Plus One

Processed Beats

British Legion

L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

9. Backstreet Blupmkins II Men. WTF???

10. Jay-Z: 80s Baby.

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