I always loved that tag-line–“Live and In Concert.” Why do they have to say, “Live?” I mean, if they’re in concert, presumably they were live when they . . . Oh, whatever.

Today I’m posting an Interpol show. Now, all together, with me: One, two, three: Waaaaaah! That’s me crying because Interpol will be releasing their first album on a major label later this year. That means they’ll be joining the clique of RIAA bums, so I won’t be posting on them every again. This will be the last time, probably.

Which is too bad, because they’re first two albums are quite good. I’m sure you all know about this band, so I’m not going to say much more other than Enjoy The Show.

Excellent quality, from Germany 9.16.2004.

01 Obstacle 1-Interpol.
02 Evil-Interpol
03 Say Hello To The Angels-Interpol
04 Slow Hands-Interpol
05 Not Even Jail-Interpol
06 NYC-Interpol
07 Lengths Of Love-Interpol
08 NARC-Interpol
09 Leif Erikson-Interpol
10 PDA-Interpol
11 Stella Was A Driver-Interpol
12 Roland-Interpol

Look! A bonus show! Recently repped by Merge Records, it’s Dinosaur Jr., live 3.27.89

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