WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES! feat new music by The Decemberists,

The Decemberist’s new album will be synthesizer-based, and here’s the single…

Hot Snakes haven’t released a new record in half a decade, and the punkers will be roaring back in March. The first single is…Fucking great.

On the exact opposite side of the spectrum is the upcoming album by Lucy Dacus. Here’s the (very arty) video for the new single…

Margo Price is one of the critical darlings in new country music. I did enjoy her 2017 album, even if I didn’t think it was worthy of being in my top 50 of the year. I also enjoyed this Bob Dylan cover.

And speaking of covers…Here’s The Porches doing The Beatles.

And I’ll end with this. It’s not one song, but several–from the upcoming album by Yo La Tengo.


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