Unless you’re an extremely staunch indie music listener like me, you probably still listen to My Morning Jacket even though they got a deal with an RIAA label.  Me, I barely have time to listen to everything that gets sent to me, so I have to be pretty strict in my policies–so I don’t waste time.  (I have recently bought and listened to a few major releases: Bruno Mars’ Jukebox album (amazing), Yeezus (not at all impressed), and the new Daft Punk (about half is cool, half is dull).)  But if you’re looking for an indie-sounding MMJ, then This Frontier Needs Heroes might be for you.

It’s pretty awesome.

It’s got an “old” feel, very rootsy and organic–almost Americana.  But there’s sitar on it.  Very cool.  Some of the lyrics seem weird at first–like “Down on the Farm” (“Will you still love me when I wear suspenders like my grandpa?”), which is kind of like their version of “When I’m 64.” But they also feel real. Non-abstract. Almost conversational.

Check out a couple tunes below and let me know if you dig it!

George Clooney

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