PUSHA T-King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude

Stop trying to get in the frame Kanye, we’re here for King Push

pusha-t-darkest-dawn-album-stream-tour-2016Addidas just gave me a million and that don’t bounce.
It’s only right for a king to floss his shit.
How I blew my first million?  Luckily with somethin’ in the ceiling.
The only thing we have in common is niggas bleed.

All those lines are from different songs on “King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude,” the latest album from the gritty hard rhymer formerly of Clipse, and one of the best rappers of all time–he’s in my top 5, for sure.

Pusha T is full of one-liners, dope beats, and the best rap album of 2016. I know it came out in 2015 (at the very, very end–after everyone’s lists were already publshed), and there’s still a whole lotta time for him to be unseated from his throne, but let’s be real.

There are no weak tracks on the album, and it’s got guest shots from all kinds of stars including Dream, Kanye, Beanie…But honestly, every second Pusha isn’t rapping is wasted time on this album. He’s like Gary Coleman on Diff’rnt Strokes–nobody wants to hear from anyone but T.

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