MUNCIE GIRLS-From Caplan to Belsize

muncie girls

I don’t know much about Muncie Girls, but I expect they grew up listening to The Breeders, Sleater Kinney, and Veruca Salt. And Nick Lowe, since they shout out his classic “Cruel to be Kind.” And it’s not a bad thing to wear your influences heavy on your sleeve, when you also have the chops to build on your heroes’ legacies and add your own distinct flavor to boot.

The album kicks off with a catchy, tough lick and never lets go–there’s less than a second between songs, and the pace is breakneck. It’s about empowerment, movement and movements. It’s like a punk rock dance that fucked a 1990s alt-rock studio album and came out crisp, well-produced, but still rough around the edges.

Really great stuff.

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