If Ryan Adams were doing moody indie rock instead of moody Americana (and Taylor Swift covers), he might sound something like Small Black.  And I chose the word “sound” specifically, because lyrically they’re nothing like him.  There’s no whiney relationship stuff here (and don’t get me wrong: I love a good whiney relationship song; Counting Crows are one of my favorite bands).  In fact, I can’t really say what their songs are about.  I just know they create a mood that’s pensive, deep, and powerful.  According to press materials, the album is about family and loss–and I definitely feel that–but more importantly it’s a drive-in-the-rain record.  There are lines like “death is one thing, to be dead is another/It was the last thing on my mind.”  What the Hell that means, I have no idea.  But it definitely makes me feel.

In fact, the album feels about as blurry as its cover photo–distant, soft, and full of memory.

I LOVE this record.

Jagjaguwar offers a few direct-download mp3s and a stream.

Boy’s Life

No One Wants it to Happen to You

Back at Belle’s

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