JOHN DEW-Summertime Johnny (EP)

Houston Texas’ John Dew is another rapper who wants you to hear his music so bad, he’s wiling to give it away. There’s a lot of guys like these days—I must get ten or twelve submissions a week—so I need quick screen-out factors. But in this case, it was a screen-in factor that got my ears busy. On track six of Summertime Johnny, Dew teams up with one of my favorite new rappers: Hollywood FLOSS.

Now, slow Southern style is not my favorite kind of hip hop. In fact, it’s probably in my bottom three. Along with Crunk and whatever you call that affected, pseudoback stuff Drake does. But Dew brings enough variety to his EP, particularly in the production (less so the flow) to keep it fresh. Lyrically, he’s also several notches above the average myspace rapper. Again, the whole EP is free, but I’m gonna suggest that you cut right to Globe Trotter, with a terrific hook and excellent lyrics about being creative and focused. Southern rap that isn’t always about getting high, getting laid, or getting rich.


Git it!
Or taste it….
Bring It Back-John Dew and Hollywood F.L.O.S.S.

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