I really don’t want to like Yuck.  The band name is stupid, the music is young and full of quick drum clips and the vocals use effects and the songs aren’t really about anything and Pitchflurrk gave them an 8.5 and . . . Dammit, it’s good stuff.  It’s not surprising Dinosaur Jr. let Yuck be their opener.  This is noisepop/postpunk at its most cheerful, it’s most unabashed, and it’s most exuberant.  Relentless, power-chord blasts like Get Away, The Wall, and Holing Out are strong cuts for a first side of a debut album, and slower tunes like Suicide Policeman don’t end up being toss-offs—which is to the band’s credit.  After the first few songs, you start to wonder whether Yuck can pull off anything else, and Suicide Policeman proves they can, as does the quiet instrumental Rose Gives a Lily.  I hope this isn’t a one-album band–like so many similar ones before them (Franz Ferdinand, e.g.).  I truly hope.

So, what’s next boys?

Get Away

Download Yuck Get Away

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