RAEKWON-Fly International Luxurious Art (F.I.L.A.)

It’s okay to break my rule about only posting indie artists for an original member of Wu Tang like The Chef, right?


Especially when he hits this hard.

Most rappers who’ve been in the game this long run out of things to say, but Raekwon sounds just as relevant today as ever.

FILA was supposed to have dropped two years ago, but was delayed so he could work on the (much more mediocre) new Wu Tang Clan album. FILA has more guests than several of Raekwon’s previous albums combined, but they work. Instead of feeling like he’s just trying to piggyback off of current rappers, he blends his old-school grime with their newer flow into something truly great.

This is one of Raekwon’s best albums yet.


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