KURT VILE-Square Shells (EP)

Y’all know who the terrifically talented Kurt Vile is, right?  He’s that Philly dude who also plays with moodyindierockers “War On Drugs.”  I’ve been a big fan of his WOD projects over the years, as well as his solo work.  Well, he recently got signed to one of the best indie labels around–Matador Records–and his first project for them is an EP titled Square Shells, which Matador gave away for free (for just 24 hours).  Sorry I didn’t tell you folks about it sooner–I don’t write about anything until I’ve listened to it, and I have a backlog that stops me from getting to listening in a timely manner.  I truly regret it, in this case, because it’s a fantastic EP.  It’s worth buying if you’re a fan of his old work, or if you dig Beck, Pete Doherty’s acoustic work, or just want to hear some of the best of this genre.

A clear runner-up for best EP of the year.

Invisibility: Nonexistent

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