WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Black Milk, eels, and African James Bond!

The lead single for the week is mos def African James Bond. It’s a fantastic blend of hip hop and international sounds…Just amazing.

A very close second is the new eels track, Welcome to the Deconstruction. It’s the best eels single I’ve heard in years–and I mean that to praise this one, not denigrate the others!

All Love is Blue is the title track from the new album by Heaven…

Do you like your R&B cynical, with lyrics like “I would trade her love for a Grammy (I do)?” Do you like vocal effects (I don’t)? Enjoy guest spots by the likes of Schoolboy Q (I do)? Do you like annoying bits between songs (I don’t)? Well, you get it all on SiR’s new album. And by the way, do you like guys who mix capital and lowercase letters at random? Here’s the single. Do you like it?

Ty Tabor, formerly known as the guitarist from the band X, has a new album out titled, “Alien Beans.” And it’s very good. If the full album were streaming on bandcamp or soundcloud, I’d review the whole thing. But it ain’t, so you’ll just have to dig the single—which is far from the best song on the record.

Kevin Morby covers Jason Molina

Go Fever covers Billy Idol, and the result…Made me dance!

The new Marmozets is pretty good…

And last but not least, new Black Milk!

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