THE TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2014 (non-Hip Hop)

17.  LESTI HUFF BAND-Reckless One

This is a fine record, but I was thrilled by their cover of “Sugaree,” the Grateful Dead classic.  Fabulous rendition.


The title explains it all.  Great collection of mostly classic rock covers.  The versions are largely faithful to the originals, but that add that certain something—nerdy jam band flair?—that only UM can bring.

15.  FOO FIGHTERS-Something From Nothing

I always love the Foo.  They always get a shout-out here.  This year’s album had fewer, longer songs—thus further cementing the band’s movement from the punk side of the spectrum to classic rock.  Still, it wasn’t a huge departure from what they do so well, and it still sounds good to me.


Bermuda, the full album, was a solid collection of AM-rock which I enjoyed but “No Mystery in That” haunts me.  I can’t get it out of my head.  I know it sounds familiar—I even thought it was a cover song at first.  But if it’s so similar, why is it so damn catchy?  Why does it feel so original?  Why?  It’s a mystery!

Next: Hozier sings Van Morrison!

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