THE TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2014 (non-Hip Hop)

13.  HOZIER-Self Titled

This is a very good pop album, but I didn’t appreciate it until I saw him cover Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing.” This guy is a major talent.

12.  VARIOUS ARTISTS-Decoration Day Vol. 3

The cover of 1979 by Keenan O’Meara is worth so much more than the cost of admission (which is free), for the way it turns the Smashing Pumpkin’s alt-rock anthem into a soaring indie-Americana ballad.  But you also get to hear covers of “I Try” and “If It Makes You Happy” that kick butt.  Great stuff.

11.  RYAN ADAMS-Ryan Adams

If a box of chocolates is random and surprising, as Forrest Gump would have you believe, then a Ryan Adams album is like a box of popcorn.  Every bit is pretty close to the last, except occasionally there’s an undone bit that gets stuck in your teeth.  This year’s Adams album is well within his comfort zone, but it’s also one of his best.  He avoids the melancholy meandering that he can be prone to at times, and instead focuses on strong, simple songs.  The record feels honest and heartbreaking, but also optimistic.  Like my favorite song, “Tired of Giving Up.”  He sings in a tired, beaten tone, but it’s really about not giving up, and fighting for what we love.  If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you have to know exactly what he is talking about.

Here’s direct mp3 links to many of the songs from the album, played live….
Gimme Something Good

My Wrecking Ball

Stay with Me
Do I Wait?

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