SLEEPYHEAD-Wild Sometimes

This is easily one of the best disguised profound albums I’ve heard in years. Not a single lyric is tossed off or cliche. From lines about how we let people tie us to train tracks, yet those people can’t even tie their own shoes, to a seemingly simple story about catching a bird in the backyard, Sleepyhead make poetry. And then they set it to slick pop that, in the hands of most, would be superficial. In this way, they’re fairly similar to the New Pornographers (especially on “Red Letter Daze”). There’s also a great emphasis on harmonies, and trading lines between Chris and Rachel, who are respectively the lead guitarist and drummer. Yes, you read that right. A lead singer who is a drummer and a female.

So they’re unusual in many ways.

Of all the submissions to hit my inbox this year, this one is the best. By far. A tremendous album that I can’t stop listening to.

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