HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SKINNY DENNIS–A celebration of the song “LA Freeway” complete with covers!

Okay, now who the fuck is Skinny Dennis? Well, he’s the dude mentioned in L.A. Freeway, one of the greatest songs of all time, written by Guy Clark. Skinny (born on September 3, 1946) played bass for Clark, and his boss paid him tribute, singing: “Here’s to you ol’ Skinny Dennis/The only one I think I will miss/I can hear your low bass singin’/Sweet and low like a gift you’re bringing.”

LA Freeway’s lyrics are so classic they even served as the title of an issue of Marvel’s Dazzler comic…
dazzler la freeway
Here’s a tribute to the tune, with a few covers, starting with the best cover I’ve ever heard of the song, by Roseann Cash….

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