Okay, “best of 2013” might be an exaggeration.  I haven’t heard everything that came out this year, and I don’t listen to major label music (mostly)–but some major albums were so damn good I had to buy them and include them here.  Also, I’m just doing one list of rap, rock, soul, dance…Everthing.  Because more and more bands and albums don’t fit neatly into any one genre.  And just because rap is on here, don’t expect Kanye or Jay-Z.  Even if I didn’t avoid major labels, I didn’t find their albums at all interesting this year.  And you won’t find a bigger Hova fan than me.  (Sighs heavily.)

15.  Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Hip Hop

I regret my opening salvo on this album.  Or at least some of it.  It’s a grower.  I’m at a point with Eminem, and rap in general, where easy hits and beats don’t move me like they used to.  And this album reeks of expensive samples and production.  But the more I listen, the more I hear the kind of witty little clips, like “I’d count my blessings but I suck at math,” that made me a fan in the first place.  Any other rappers still this good after this long in the game?  Not really.

14.  The Obits-Beds & Bugs

Garage rock

If there had never been The Strokes, this would have been The Strokes.  Probably.


13.  STS-Gold Rush III


The third mixtape in the series, and he shows zero signs of falling off.  Why don’t more people know about STS?  Why isn’t he bigger?!?

Get it here

12.  Chic Gamine-Closer

Rhythm and Blues

If Motown were getting started in the modern era: Great harmonies, clap and dance songs, and voices as beautiful as En Vogue.


11.  Taffy-Lixiviate


Maybe it’s just because I miss The Breeders, but 1990s grrrrl pop still gets me.


10.  Joey Bada$$-Summer Knights


Nobody twisted words and images better than Joey this year.  And I saw him on MTV, so I guess this is officially the year he broke.


9.  This Frontier Needs Heroes-Hooky


An ironic name for an authentic collection of singer/songwriter tunes that lack hooks but have gentle, insightful lyrics.


8.  Marnie Stern-The Chronicles of Marnia

marnie stern

Noise rock

I never get tired of this chick.  She’s like a Jimi Hendrix with a vagina.  Or 1990s Liz Phair if Liz could shred.


7.  Chance the Rapper-Acid Rap

Psychedelic hip hop

Childish Gambino with the edge of Lil’ Wayne and the sense of humor of your drug dealer.  If your drug dealer was U-Turn from Weeds.

Last I checked, he was still giving it away for free here.


6.  Atoms for Peace-Amok

Alternative Rock

Alt-rock supergroup fronted by Thom Yorke.  Fucking incredible.  And I never would have bought this if I hadn’t seen them on Colbert Report.

5. Said the Whale-Hawaiii

Indie Pop

Yeah, it’s with three “i”s. That’s not a typo. Great, sunny, shiny pop with just a taste of experimental oddness.


4. Action Bronson-Blue Chips 2

Gritty mixtape

Wow. Get it here.


3. James Younger-Feelin’ American

Indie Rock

Honest to God excellent rock and roll.

2. Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy-Shining On


One of the best soul records of the past 20 years. Curtis Mayfield and Aretha Franklin, eat your hearts out.

1.  No Malice-Hear Ye Him

Christian Rap

If you’d have told me a few years ago that Clipse would break up and Malice would prove himself as a solo act, I would have been dubious.  If you’d have told me he’d make a Christian rap album, I’d have said no way.  If you’d have told me it would be my favorite album of the year, I’d have punched you in the mouth.  But here we are.

With this album, Malice did something few rappers can: He got older, he got wiser, and he changed.  Really changed.  And got better.  Take a listen, older rap Gods: This is what honesty and maturity sounds like.  And it’s still hip hop.

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