THE OBITS-Beds and Bugs

Remember how exciting The Strokes were when they burst on the scene with updated garage rock, power riffs, and balls that were full of attitude?  And then remember how suddenly every college kid was in a band that sounded like a weaker version of them?

Well, we finally have a band that’s better than them.

The Obits are smart.  Their lyrics tackle difficult subjects like medical malpractice, and their music is tough but extremely well played.    Unlike 99% of the garage rockers out there, this Brooklyn group doesn’t rely on fuzz or dirty production to mask imperfection.  They crank it up and kick ass.  To prove it, I offer Besetchet, a bass-driven instrumental that pounds the shit out of anything any Surfaris wannabe band has put out.  Ever.

Yeah, they’re on Sub Pop, and Sub Pop is part of the RIAA.  But barely.

Taste the Diff (direct mpfree)

Spun Out (direct mpfree)



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