Singer/songwriter Katie Herzig, formerly the leader of Newcomers Home, has been on her own for a while now, and with “Apple Tree,” she offers a tasty collection of ballads and laid-back, folky love songs. The title track, for example, is told from the point of view of a songbird “outside your window” who “can’t fly away” because she’s so in love. The imagery and soaring vocals, over gentle, simple guitars and drums, are the epitome of this album. “I Want To Belong To You” (written with Kim Richey) is another standout, as is “Waiting for my Night,” which, despite it’s punny title, is a sad song. The haunting lullaby is perfectly suited for Herzig’s incredible voice.

This is romantic music—there’s nothing subtle, deep, dark, or depressing about it. It’s perfect date music.

To distribute the record, Ms. Herzig is using the Radiohead plan. Go to her website, “pay what you like,” and give her three e-mails of people she can tell about her music. And that’s it. The record is yours.


I Want To Belong To You


Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)-X.

A song that is the exact opposite of Ms. Herzig.

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