Kid Eternity--One of Four Rebooted National Comics Coming From DC

DC is relaunching the (extremely old) anthology series that features D-list DC weirdoes.

A complete list of the upcoming titles follows:

  • ETERNITY by Jeff (Frankenstein, Animal Man) Lemire and Cully (R.E.D., Shade) Hamner. A cop coroner can revive dead people so that they can close the cases that caused their deaths. It’s Gotham Central meets Pushing Daisies/The Sixth Sense. Potential: Lemire is great at off-beat work (see Sweet Tooth), so it has potential, but the premise is kinda tired and contrived.
  • MADAME X by Rob Williams and Trevor Hairsine (both of Cla$$war). It’s about a psychic who works with a law firm. Potential: Again, this seems pretty trite. I’m also not a huge fan of the creative team—and apparently I’m not the only one not in love with Williams. He just signed an exclusive contract with Marvel last April, and already he’s with the Distinguished Competition.
  • ROSE AND THORN by Tom (various Star Wars comics) Taylor and Neil (2000AD) Googe. A take on a female version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Meh.
  • LOOKER by Ian (2000AD) Edington andMike S. (The Imaginaries) Miller. A vain fashion model becomes a vampire and eats folks from her industry. This sounds like the most interesting premise of the lot.

In all, these seem like Vertigo titles that aren’t under a Vertigo banner. And none of them are making say, “Wow! Can’t wait!”

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