Just a quick little missive: In addition to Ann Nocenti trying to salvage the mess that is the new 52’s Green Arrow and George Perez bailing early from Superman (to be replaced by Dan Jurgens and Keith Geffen), Tom “I’ve been working in comics since the 1980s (and used to be a Marvel Editor-in-Chief)” DeFalco is now going to be taking over Legion Lost, the single worst new 52 title. And Joe “Vampirella” Harris will take over for Gail Simone on Firestorm, who is leaving to try to save Birds of Prey. Harris has previously been an indie writer. Hey, DC, maybe 52 at a time was a little too ambitious? I’m still frustrated by their missed opportunity to “end” several “old 52” series, the way Gail Simone did with Secret Six. How fun would it have been to allow writers, for a couple months, to go absolutely nuts in their own titles—and not tell anyone that it was all going to be rebooted? You could have had great deaths, dalliances, and other distractions! Superman decides to walk not fly! Wonder Woman changes her costume! Oh, wait. I guess they did drop a bunch of storylines after all…..

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