Cover songs are always a risk.  You’re pretty much guaranteed, if you make a tribute record, to sell a few copies to the hardcore fans.  But the more specific you make it, the more likely to miss out on folks who just don’t care for the genre.  The first two GBA volumes were terrific–they still get regular rotation from me.  This one, not so much.  But it’s not because it’s bad.  It’s because I was never much of a metalhead.  This just isn’t the music of my youth.  I dated a permed-and-frizzed metal chick once, though, and I bet she’d love this.  And my wife dated a guy who looked like the lead singer of Kix.  The guy called everybody Gus.  He’s my favorite wife’s-ex-boyfriend.

Yeah, I was busy listening to The Clash and Marvin Gaye and having contempt for anything recorded after 1980.  I was a snob.

Despite all that, thought, I thought the covers of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard were pretty neat.  Oh, and it’s always nice to hear Helmet again….

And while we’re on the topic of Heavy Metal, any of you ever see the doc “Heavy Metal Parking Lot?”  It’s just as good as “Decline of Western Civilization Part 2.”  Both are great.  Do a double feature, and then you can listen to this new album while you’re driving to and from the video store.  Remember video stores?  Remember video tape?

Christ, I’m old.

GBA3 Track Listing:
01. Canon Logic – Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone)
02. Gold Lake – Seventeen
03. Madison Square Gardeners – Nothing But A Good Time
04. theSTART –  Kickstart My Heart
05. Helmet – Crazy Nights
06. Mike Viola – Round And Round
07. Elk City – Heavy Metal Love
08. Malibu Shark Attack! – You Give Love A Bad Name
09. Common Rotation – We’re Not Gonna Take It
10. Bird of Youth – I Remember You
11. Murder Mystery – Photograph
12. My Cousin, The Emperor – More Than Words
13. The Old Ceremony – Here I Go Again
14. Farrah – The Final Countdown

MPfree: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got-Canon Logic

Here‘s the soundcloud page, where you can stream it all.

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