COYOTES IN THE ROOM-Hell Young Man & STEVE GATES-Hello Jesus (EPs)

I thought it’d be cool to combine a Hell, a Hello, and a Jesus in one post. Plus, they’re two terrific EPs.

“Hello Jesus” is Steve Gatesʼ debut EP–three originals and a cover of Willie Nelson’s “You were always on my mind” as a duet with a lady named Catherine MacLellan. It’s mellow country rock, well written, well performed…And Steve’s got a really cool voice. I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as Bob Dylan, but it also isn’t as good as Lyle Lovett. It’s unique, special, and perfect for the songs he plays.

And they’re somber indie moodrockers Coyotes in the Living Room. I can’t find out anything about them. They at least deserve their own website! Who the hell are these guys?  Cop their EP free from Bandcamp.

Anyhow, they’ve got a Kills cover on their record…

Here’s cuts from each EP.  Go support the artists.

Download Coyotes in the Room Rodeo Town (Kills Cover)
Coyotes in the Room Rodeo Town (Kills Cover)

MP3 link for Coyotes.

And downloadable soundcloud from Gates…. Steve Gates – Hello Jesus by killbeat music

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