Driven largely by the awesome complete envelopingness of Take Me To Church, Hozier became a superstar and an obvious successor to the greatness that was Van Morrison.

Then nothing. For over two years.

So, does he still got it?


All we get is four songs on this EP, but every one of them is worthy of expectation–and the lead single, Nina Cried Power, which features Mavis Staples, is the most awesome of all.

Where the lead cut bristles with soul-powered strength, NFWMB is a quieter number–it creeps along, slowly building, until you feel the menace when he finally tells you what the titular letters stand for: “No one Fucks With My Baby.”

After that modern, moody cut, we get some blues. So far, every song is quite different, and they flow together perfectly. So, what the closer?


In these days where artists feel the need to crank out constant content, regardless of quality, it’s nice to see an artist who waits until he’s really got something to say.

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